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Demi Lovato Wearing Versace 4165 Sunglasses

These aviator sunglasses are brand new from Versace. Make sure you take time to view the entire Versace sunglasses at

Demi Lovato Versace Sunglasses 4165 Aviator

Jessica Alba with Her Versace 4206 Sunglasses

Hollywood Star Actress Jessica Alba looks beautiful in these sunglasses from Versace. They are new in the 2011 collection. The model number is 4206. The entire Versace sunglasses collection can be viewed here —>

Versace 4206 Sunglasses - Jessica Alba

Rose McGowan Sunglasses are Versace 4172

Rose McGowan looks fabulous in these sunglasses from Versace. The model number is 4172 and can be seen in the new 2011 collection from Versace by clicking on this link –>

Rose McGowan Versace 4172 Sunglasses

Heather Locklear Versace 4114 Sunglasses

Beautiful Heather Locklear looks great in these hot new shades from Versace. View the entire Versace sunglasses collection here —>

Versace 4114 Sunglasses on Heather Locklear

Geri Halliwell Wearing Versace 4114 Sunglasses

English pop star Geri Halliwell wearing Versace 4114 sunglasses from the 2011 sunglasses. Check out these incredible new sunglasses from Versace at this great site

Versace 4114 Sunglasses Geri Halliwell

Melora Hardin Wearing Versace Sunglasses

Melora Hardin is seen here wearing Versace 4114 sunglasses. Check out all the newest Versace sunglasses by following this link —>

Melora Hardin wearing Versace 4114 Sunglasses

Leona Lewis wearing Versace 4114 Sunglasses

British singer Leona Lewis is seen here wearing Versace 4114 sunglasses. She looks great wearing this brand new frame from Versace, Check out all the Versace sunglasses new to the 2011 line by clicking here —>

Leona Lewis Versace Sunglasses 4114

Janet Jackson wearing Versace 2098 Sunglasses

Janet Jackson was seen wearing these Versace sunglasses while attending the funeral of her brother Michael in Los Angeles. Check out these sunglasses and the rest of the Versace collection at —>

Janet Jackson Versace 2098 Sunglasses

Fergie wearing Versace 4114 Sunglasses

Black Eyed Peas member Fergie is wearing Versace 4114 Sunglasses in this photo. Check out these and the entire Versace sunglasses collection by following this link –>

Fergie wearing Versace 4114 sunglasses

Megan Fox in Versace 4114 Sunglasses

Gotta love Megan Fox. She looks stylish in Versace 4114 sunglasses from the new Versace 2011 collection. View the entire Versace sunglasses collection by visiting

Megan Fox Versace 4114 Sunglasses